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» How to Play and Win

Two steps to winning!

1. Every card is a winner! Simply scratch off the three silver squares in the middle of the card to reveal the number of points you won.

Save your cards to redeem your hard-earned points for some great merchandise in our Rewards Catalog. For detailed instructions on ordering your prizes, see the Award Order Form.

2. Each card also includes one silver square at the bottom. This is your chance to win up to $1 Million!

Scratch off this box to reveal a letter to the word 'JACKPOT' or the phrase 'ENTRY.' If your card says 'ENTRY,' send it in to be entered into all three of our national quarterly $10,000 Bag-Grab drawings and our year-end drawings for a trip to Las Vegas and the $1 Million Power-Bag drawing.

If you scratch a letter, save your card until you have all seven letters to spell 'JACKPOT.' Sending in a completed 'JACKPOT' spelling will earn you 1,000 bonus merchandise points and another entry into all the nationwide drawings!


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