Wellness Scratch-Off Gamecard Program


The gamecards are indeed a more exciting way to deliver points. They offer an element of chance… and they allow your employees to trade among themselves to spell jackpot getting them into the big drawings for exotic trips, and big cash. The cards also offer a vehicle in which to award more frequently. They also allow you to reward for specific health and wellness activities. The “paper” gamecard version of Wellness Jackpot is very easy to administer…. However, if you are interested in eliminating administration even more… check out our “Online” version of the program. CLICK HERE. The online version integrates automatic rewarding and organization of activity trackers, quizzes and HRA as well!

How it Works

Fun, Scratch-off gamecards are handed out to employees for accomplishment of weekly wellness driven behavior. The cards reveal points and one letter in the word JACKPOT.

All materials needed to instruct, train, and keep the employee on track. Merchandise redemption instructions and details on the national drawings of up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS included. The employee simply mails their cards and order back in the included return envelope. We take care of everything.

Quarterly custom newsletters, posters, kick-off materials are all included at no additional cost. This helps keep the program hyped!

All Materials Are All Included