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How to Calculate ROI

Editors note: This post has been updated in 2020 due to new accident cost figures released from the National Safety Council.

Watch this video to learn how to calculate ROI.

Advice from Buck Peavey

Advice from Buck Peavey Safety program advice from an industry leader – Peavey Performance Systems

With more than 50 years of incentive experience, Peavey Performance Systems has identified some of the essential qualities of a successful safety incentive program and built them into the Safety Jackpot Safety Incentive Program – and...
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Safety Incentives: Myths and Realities

Reprint from Occupational Health & Safety Magazine–

Safety Incentives: Myths and Realities</font color>

By Dennis R. Downing and F. Renae Norton
The question we should be asking is: How can we capitalize on the motivational factors of incentives to more effectively market safety programs to employees? Do safety incentive programs work? This is...
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