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Run a Successful Safety Incentive Program

Lemon Juice or Lemonade?

In order to justify and run a truly successful safety incentive program, you must run the numbers. By Buck Peavey
successful safety incentive program
"What do you mean, I have to figure out the cost of the lemons and paper cups before I open my lemonade stand?...
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Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

Read This Before You Cook That Thanksgiving Turkey!

Ah, nothing is better than turkey on Thanksgiving Day. And now, many families are choosing to deep fry their turkeys instead of cooking them the old fashioned way. Turkey fryers pose dangers...

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Safety Jackpot Makes Everyone a Winner!

Safety Jackpot Makes Everyone a Winner! Companies tell how their training and incentive successfully improved workplace safety. Encouraging workplace safety is no longer a gamble for Tom Lengyel, health and safety supervisor at Trans-End Technology Ashtabula, Ohio. Before Jan.1, 1994, accidents at the Union Carbide subsidiary were at an all-time high and many were not...
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How to Run a Successful Safety-Incentive Program

Reprint from Safety & Health Management Magazine

How to Run a Successful Safety-Incentive Program

By Doug Toft
Successful Safety-Incentive Program
Any manager who decides to start a safety-incentive program faces a bewildering array of options. The goal seems clear enough: to promote safety on the job. Yet, while one company offers...
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