June is National Safety Month. The National Safety Council can help you identify risks and take proactive safety measures to create a safe workplace. Work-related injuries totaled more than 4 million in 2019. Advance your safety journey to bring these numbers down.

Advance Your Safety JourneyBe a Safety Leader

Every day we influence the people around us in a positive or negative way by what we say or don’t say, do or don’t do. Being around people who promote and practice safety creates a safer environment for everyone. People who are careless or don’t feel they have time for safety create an unsafe environment in which to work.

No matter what your position is, you can be a safety leader by quietly doing what’s right and by recommending that others do the same. If someone asks your opinion about whether a safety precaution is necessary, be a proponent. You could be saving their life. Make sure that you:

  • Don’t take shortcuts
  • Use guards and safety devices
  • Focus on what you are doing – don’t get distracted

Remember that not only your coworkers, but supervisors and visitors will observe what you do. Sloppy habits reflect a sloppy operation and make a poor impression. Be a safety leader. You will stay safe, and you can help others stay safe too.