While safety is a topic that requires attention and focus every day and every second, National Safety Month in June is an ideal time to rally employees around a theme. By holding safety meetings with every member of your organization, you are placing emphasis on the importance of on and off the workplace health and safety.

The theme this week is Awareness. Being alert and aware of your surroundings can help prevent accidents from happening. Below is a helpful article about near misses in the workplace:

Take Near Miss Accidents Seriously

Near Miss Accidents are situations where an accident almost occurs, but is thankfully avoided.

The same things that cause accidents also cause near misses. Labor statistics report a near miss to accident ratio of about 300:1 some estimates are as low as 200:1. The actual ratio depends upon the type of industry and activity.

Nearly all accidents are preceded by a chain of events or circumstances that would have warned of a potential for danger. Supervisors and managers should encourage employees to report all potential safety hazards and near miss accidents.

Hazard and near miss follow up procedure elements should include:

  • The employee’s description of the circumstance or incident
  • An investigation report
  • Recommendations for correction
  • A report of appropriate actions taken
  • Final approval sign-off by a responsible person

Near misses are warnings of potential things to come but they don’t have to mean an accident will happen. If you take them seriously and learn from them you will improve your chances of having a safe and rewarding experience on the job.