4 Tricks Food Execs Use to Eliminate Safety Incentive Administration

Safety Incentive

You’re already overworked. The current safety incentive program is a big pain. And you have absolutely Zero time to create and launch a new program that truly impacts accidents.

GOOD NEWS…. Food executives have figured out some simple key “tricks” that when used can replace your existing program all together and make for a much easier and higher performing one that – yes actually impacts the reduction of accidents substantially.

1. Ditch Cash and Gift cards

It’s confusing. Cash and the equivalent are what employees say they prefer, yet case history from clients such as Kraft, SaraLee and others show stronger results from catalog merchandise programs. Psychological data suggests that cash rewards end up being spent fast on what the employee “needs” versus what they “want”. This results in an award that is quickly forgotten and later seen as an income “bonus” they then take for granted or “expect”. A tangible merchandise reward is remembered as a “Trophy” and accomplishment they are proud of for a lasting period of time.

The other administrative issue is handing out gift cards, or making payroll adjustments for cash disbursements is usually tougher to administer. It takes too much time which in turn causes administrators to fall behind on the rewarding. This causes programs to fail quickly. It’s also important to know the new 2018 tax law specifically underlines the fact that cash and gift card programs are indeed taxable from dollar one. No exceptions.

2. Outsource

Administering a program yourself has to be most cost effective right? Not really. In reality, a homemade program structured without incentive experience is almost always focused on the dangling carrot versus a well-rounded campaign that can deliver much stronger ROI and accident reduction results. Often, it’s the sizzle, not the steak that actually motivates your employees. This is the case especially when the award budget is on the smaller side.

Your time is another consideration. Outsourcing to an incentive company can bring you a stronger performing program that removes the administration from your plate. There are many safety incentive companies out there but for the best bang for your buck, look for one that offers a packaged campaign that has already been proven successful specifically in the Food industry. Tyson, Blue Diamond Almond and many others have had great success with a game-based format. The Safety Jackpot program works by delivering scratch off gamecards online including mobile devices, tablets etc… The cards are exchanged between coworkers in efforts to collect points for merchandise reward redemption and chances at huge national grand prizes.

3. Include both individual rewards & Grand prizes

Safety Jackpot has surveyed tens of thousands of food industry incentive participants. Turns out that 60% are “More motivated” by the chance to win a huge grand prize. 40% are more motivated by winning smaller “guaranteed” individual prizes for accomplishment. This means that unless you have a program with both grand prizes and individual rewards, you are only appealing and changing the behaviors of half your employees! Omitting half of your audience results in the never-ending cycle of changing up your program constantly to no avail. Find a program that includes both.

4. Automate your promotion and communication

There is new technology available that can automate the entire incentive rewarding process. No more managing point banks and gift card inventory. No more mundane tracking and organizing all safety suggestions and near miss reports. An Anheuser Busch distributor found that using an online game-based system removed literally almost all safety program administration. Safety training, participation, near miss reporting etc… were all automated. Even the rewarding of point carrying gamecards was automatically done with the click of a mouse. The catalog rewards themselves were then shipped directly from the safety incentive company to the employees’ home. Very little administration was required from the beverage distributor.

Try out the food industry tricks of ditching cash, outsourcing, including both grand prizes and individual rewards while using an online program with automated rewarding. You will be on your way to an easier program that dramatically reduces accidents and delivers a strong ROI. Good luck and get ready to have more time on your hands!

Safety Incentive
Outsourcing his safety incentive program to Safety Jackpot allows John the time to work “hands on” and address safety issues first hand at his bottling plant.
Safety Incentive
Programs like Safety Jackpot deliver gamecards instantly and electronically to employees for immediate gratification.

By: Buck Peavey
Founder / CEO Safety Jackpot / Peavey Corp.
in Kansas City Mo.

Peavey has worked extensively with food industry clients across the United States and in 13 other countries. He is the founder of the industry known Safety Jackpot program which has consistently been the leading incentive product in the food industry for over three decades. The program has a documented average annual accident reduction of over 61%.